Footlights and Fools 1929

Unquestionably this is Colleen Moore's best picture since "We Moderns." Talkies have given her a curious break which she's taken big.

Her voice is pleasant and versatile, and the story standards raised by talking films permit her to chuck the synthetic program stuff and turn to something bigger. This is it. The story, by Katherine Brush, is a skilful combination of sophisticated humor and poignant emotional drama.

New York's musical comedy sensation, Mile. Fifi d'Auray, is a temperamental French whirlwind before the footlights. Offstage, she's little Betty Murphy, who loves a boy who's a rotter. As Fifi, Colleen wears a hundred mad gowns and wigs, and sings French songs with a naughty lilt. As Betty, her piquant self. Both ways, gorgeous!
All Talkie.

Photoplay December 1929


Footlights and Fools
United States 1929

Directed by

Mickey Bennett
Edward Martindel
Ben Hendricks Jr.
Nora Cecil


Running time:78 minutes
Country:United States

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