The Delightful Rogue 1929

Radio is becoming the home of screen comebacks. First it was Bebe Daniels in "Rio Rita," and now it is Rod LaRocque in "The Delightful Rogue." He is all of that. Rod, infrequently seen on the screen of late, comes through with a superb performance as Lastro, the pirate. Incidentally, we have been waiting for years for the heroine to give the hero the go-by and marry the villain. At last, in this romance, the heroine chooses Lastro, the pirate. We know that, at least, she will never be bored.
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Photoplay December 1929


The Delightful Rogue
United States 1929

Directed by
Lynn Shores
Leslie Pearce

Rita La Roy
Charles Byer
Edward Brady
Willie Fung


Country:United States

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