This Thing Called Love 1929

Alibi husbands and suspicious wives, take notice! The whole world is going to be enlightened by "This Thing Called Love." A lonely millionaire hires a wife and pays her a salary. She has her admirers and he has his girl friends. How is this for modern progress? You must see how Edwin Burke worked it out. Edmund Lowe, whose excellent work in "What Price Glory" and "The Cock Eyed World" has brought him such a following, at last draws a romantic role, and how the girls love him!

If you saw Constance Bennett in "Rich Peopie" you will need no second invitation to this. Besides there is ZaSu Pitts, in evening gowns, instead of aprons, and pretty Ruth Taylor, of "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" fame. Delightful comedy drama, exceptionally well done. All Talkie.

Photoplay January 1930

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This Thing Called Love
United States 1929

Directed by



Running time:72 minutes
Country:United States

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