The Marriage Playground 1929

This picture may not be the best in months, but it has a wholesome, human quality that almost puts it in a class by itself. This in spite of the fact that the theme, growing out of the divorce problem, is highly sophisticated.

Edith Wharton's book "The Children" was a best-seller, and the picture solidifies all the impressions it left. Seven undisciplined children, ranging from nine months to seventeen years, are merged into one group, suffering because their idle parents cannot settle their marital relationships.

Mary Brian, as the lovable oldest child, undertakes to save them. It gives her one of her finest roles, and Frederic March is well cast. The fine cast includes several interesting children, among them Philippe de Lacy and Little Mitzi.

A beautiful picture you cannot afford to miss. All Talkie.

Photoplay January 1930


The Marriage Playground
United States 1929

Directed by

Ruby Parsley


Running time:70 minutes
Country:United States

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