Not So Dumb 1930

In the dear old silent days "Dulcy" was one of Constance Talmadge's best pictures. And what a smart gal Marion Davies was to select it as her second talkie. Is Marion a perfectly swell light comedienne, with a cute little lisp all her own? Take a look at her in the favorite stage play all about a dumb girl who set out to manage her sweetheart's career and almost ruined it.

Donald Ogden Stewart, gone actor in a big way, is as funny on the screen as he is on paper. He plays a pleasant nut who thinks he's a big financier. Elliott Nugent and Raymond Hackett, those invincible young legit troupers, are charming. But it's Marion's picture and she walks away with the honors tucked under her jangling bracelets. An elegant evening for one and all. All Talkie.

Photoplay January 1930


Not So Dumb
United States 1930

Directed by

Sidney Bracey
George Irving
Jay Eaton


Running time:76 minutes
Country:United States

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