I Married a Witch
Overview  |  Cast and credits
Cast and credits
Running time:77 minutes
Country:United States
Directed by Rene Clair
Screenplay by Marc Connelly
Robert Pirosh
Jonathan Wooley/Nathaniel Wooley/Samuel Wooley/WalFedric March
JenniferVeronica Lake
Dr. Dudley WhiteRobert Benchley
Estelle MastersonSusan Hayward
DanielCecil Kellaway
MargaretElizabeth Patterson
J.B. MastersonRobert Warwick
Allen, Hotel OwnerEmory Parnell
First PrisonerHarry Tyler
Wife of Justice of the PeaceEmma Dunn
Purity SykesMarie Blake
Wedding GuestJames Millican
Eddy Chandler
Ambulance DriverJack Luden
Joe, Cab DriverFrank Mills
Onlooker in CrowdGino Corrado
Justice of the PeaceAldrich Bowker
Wooleys SonCharles Bates
Boy at Country ClubMickey Rentschler
Country Club Extra/Man at FireFranklyn Farnum
Policeman Arresting DanielWade Boteler
Second Prison GuardAl Bridge
Party BartenderChester Conklin
PhotographerBilly Bletcher
Puritan VendorBilly Bevan
Young ManReed Hadley
Matron of HonorBess Flowers
Country Club ExtraCyril Ring
Town CrierRobert Greig
Second PrisonerRalph Peters
Tabitha WooleyEily Malyon
Fire ChiefRobert Homans
First Prison GuardRalph Dunn
Harriet WooleyNora Cecil
DoormanMonte Blue
Director of photography Ted Tetzlaff
Produced by Rene Clair
Preston Sturges