Abe Lincoln in Illinois 1940

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Abe Lincoln in Illinois
United States 1940

Directed by

Dorothy Tree
Harvey Stephens
Minor Watson
Alan Baxter
Howard Da Silva
Aldrich Bowker
Maurice Murphy
Louis Jean Heydt
Clem Bevans
Harlan Briggs
Elisabeth Risdon
Herbert Rudley
Roger Imhof
Edmund Elton
Leona Roberts
Florence Roberts
George Rosener
Fay Helm
Trevor Bardette
Napoleon Simpson
Alec Craig
Peggy Ann Garner
John St. Polis
Emory Parnell
Esther Dale
Cecil Cunningham
Edward Fielding
George Irving
William Worthington
Sonny Bupp
Paul Guilfoyle
Milton Kibbee
Dick Elliott
Paul Everton
Victor Kilian
Edward Brady
Ian Wolfe
Erville Alderson
Wallis Clark
Selmer Jackson


Running time:110 minutes 1
Country:United States

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