Full House 1952

Cast and credits
Directed by Henry King
Henry Hathaway
Jean Negulesco
Howard Hawks
Henry Koster
Screenplay by Lamar Trotti
Philip Dunne
Sam Slick Brown (segment "The Ransom of Red Chief"Fred Allen
Joanna Goodwin (segment "The Last Leaf")Anne Baxter
Della (segment "The Gift of the Magi")Jeanne Crain
Jim (segment "The Gift of the Magi")Farley Granger
Soapy (segment "The Cop and the Anthem")Charles Laughton
Bill Peoria (segment "The Ransom of Red Chief")Oscar Levant
Streetwalker (segment "The Cop and the Anthem")Marilyn Monroe
Susan Goodwin (segment "The Last Leaf")Jean Peters
Behrman (segment "The Last Leaf")Gregory Ratoff
Barney Woods (segment "The Clarion Call")Dale Robertson
Horace (segment "The Cop and the Anthem")David Wayne
Johnny Kernan (segment "The Clarion Call")Richard Widmark
J.B. Dorset aka Red Chief (segment "The Ransom of Lee Aaker
Mr. Schultz/Santa Claus (segment "The Gift of the Fred Kelsey
Doctor (segment "The Last Leaf")Richard Garrick
Narration ByJohn Steinbeck
Dave Bascom (segment "The Clarion Call")House Peters
Man Being Booked at Police StationFrank Mills
Mrs. Dorset (segment "The Ransom of Red Chief")Kathleen Freeman
Bar CustomerHarry Tenbrook
Convict - ProloguePhil Arnold
Yokel (segment "The Ransom of Red Chief")Robert Easton
Poker Player (segment "The Clarion Call")Herb Vigran
Cisco Kid (clip from The Cisco Kid (Opening PrologWarner Baxter
Boris Radolf (segment "The Last Leaf")Steven Geray
Cop (segment "The Cop and the Anthem")James Flavin
Ebenezer Dorset (segment "The Ransom of Red Chief"Irving Bacon
Menkie (segment "The Gift of the Magi")Sig Ruman
Maurice (segment "The Gift of the Magi")Fritz Feld
A.J. Crump (segment "The Gift of the Magi")Harry Hayden
Manager (segment "The Clarion Call")Will Wright
Mrs. OBrien (segment "The Last Leaf")Martha Wentworth
Waiter (segment "The Cop and the Anthem")Ernö Verebes
Music composed by Alfred Newman
Country: United States
Language: English