Weary River 1929

Remember "The Prisoner's Song"? Remember how it was written in prison and how it swept the radio loud speakers of the land? Courtney Riley Cooper seems to have based his "Weary River" upon the incident. The brash young gangster of "Weary River" is sent to prison, reforms, writes a song,' sings it over the radio and wins a pardon. His golden voice redeems his blonde lady love.

The chief interest of "Weary River" lies in the fact that Richard Barthelmess talks and sings the chief role. He really talks, but the vocalism is a neat piece of song doubling. Barthelmess does splendidly in his first talking appearance.

Betty Compson is the blonde who shares the gangster's jovs and sorrows. A strong hit is contributed by William Holden as the prison warden.

Photoplay April 1929

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Weary River
United States 1929

Directed by

Ray Turner
Jim Farley
Pat Harmon
Ernest Hilliard
Charles Sullivan
Robert Emmett O'Connor
Bob Kortman
Edwards Davis


Running time:86 minutes
Country:United States

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