Twenty years after witnessing his firefighter father's death, shiftless Brian McCaffrey returns to Chicago, finally following family tradition into this most hazardous profession. Meeting heated hostility from his experienced older brother Stephen, Brian finds he has a lot to learn, and to prove.

Meanwhile, amid mounting public concern and political interference, an arsonist is at large in the city, unleashing the bestial force of fire on a series of unsuspecting victims.

Books with substantial mentioning of Backdraft
Frank N. Magill (ed.)
Magill's Cinema Annual 1992, A Survey of the Films of 1991
Pasadena, Ca; Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 1992

United States 1991

Directed by

Clint Howard
Gregory Widen
Irma P. Hall


Running time:137 minutes
Country:United States

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