Little Matilda is a child of wondrous intelligence. But unfortunately she is different from the rest of her family. Ignored at home all the time, Matilda escapes into a world of reading, exercising her mind so much she develops telekinetic powers. Good thing, too: sent off to a school headed by a cruel hulking monster, principal Agatha Trunchbull, Matilda needs all the help she can get. Amid Crunchem's darkness, Matilda finds a single light in warm-hearted Miss Honey, the first-grade teacher who recognizes the girl's remarkable skills - including a very special talent that allows the spirited girl to turn the tables on the wicked grown-ups in her world.

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Beth A. Fhaner, Editor, Devra M. Sladics, Christopher P. Scanlon, and Terry Schell, Contributing Editors
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Detroit; New York; Toronto; London, 1998
Vicky Allan, Roald Dahl's Matilda, in: Sight & Sound, nr. 1 (January), 1997 pp. 43
Author:Vicky Allan
Title:Roald Dahl's Matilda
Magazine:Sight & Sound
Illustrations:  yes
Review of:   Matilda (1996)

United States 1996

Directed by

Pam Ferris
Jean Speegle Howard


Running time:98 minutes 1
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Sight & Sound January nr. 1 1997

Country:United States

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