The Mysterious Island 1929

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer sunk four years and nearly a million dollars in filming this Jules Verne tale of the first submarine which glides along the ocean's floor. Ernie Williams invented a deep-sea camera process which knocked technicians cold. Then a company went to the Bahamas but the Florida hurricane defeated them and the film was shelved. Several other false starts were made but something always checked production. Six months ago they tried again, with new cast, sets and director and the result is an unusual and fantastic spectacle.

The entire production is in technicolor, which gives undreamed-of beauty and clarity to the undersea sequences. The photography is art of the highest order, and the sets bizarre and production lavish. The story is intoxicating fiction. It must be seen to be believed.

Photoplay May 1929

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The Mysterious Island
United States 1929

Directed by
Lucien Hubbard

Jacqueline Gadsden
Harry Gribbon
Snitz Edwards
Gibson Gowland
Harry Tenbrook


Country:United States

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