The McConnell Story 1955

Cast and credits
Directed by Gordon Douglas
Screenplay by Sam Rolfe
Ted Sherdeman
Story by Ted Sherdeman
Capt. Joseph C.Mac McConnell, Jr.Alan Ladd
Pearl Butch BrownJune Allyson
SSgt./Maj./Col. Ty Dad WhitmanJames Whitmore
Sfc. SykesFrank Faylen
1st MPGregory Walcott
2nd MPJohn Pickard
Pilot InstructorDabbs Greer
WifePatricia Blair
Angry Technical SergeantDub Taylor
Philo McCullough
Creighton Hale
Barry Norton
B-17 PilotGene Reynolds
Sam - PostmanOlin Howland
SergeantMurray Alper
Truck DriverHerb Vigran
SpinsterLillian Bronson
Italian GrocerTito Vuolo
Director of photography John F. Seitz
Produced by Henry Blanke
Music composed by Max Steiner
Edited by Owen Marks
Running time: 106 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English