Diplomatic Courier 1952

Cast and credits
Directed by Henry Hathaway
Screenplay by Liam O'Brien
Based on a novel by Peter Cheyney
Mike KellsTyrone Power
Joan RossPatricia Neal
Col. Mark CagleStephen McNally
Janine BetkiHildegard Knef
Sgt. Ernie GuelvadaKarl Malden
Sam F. CarewJames Millican
ArnovHerbert Berghof
Chef de TrainSiegfried Arno
MP at TriesteLee Marvin
Intelligence ClerkDabbs Greer
French Ticket AgentCharles La Torre
CherneyTom Powers
Train ConductorNestor Paiva
IvanMichael Ansara
JacksLumsden Hare
WatchmakerLudwig Stössel
Russian AgentCharles Bronson
Director of photography Lucien Ballard
Production Design John DeCuir
Costume Designer Charles Le Maire
Edited by James B. Clark
Running time: 97 minutes
Country: United States
Language: English