Blood and Sand 1941

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Jeremy Tambling, Cinematic Carmen and the 'Oeil Noir', in: Chris Perriam, Ann Davies (Eds), Carmen, Amsterdam - New York, NY, 2005
Author:Jeremy Tambling
Title:Cinematic Carmen and the 'Oeil Noir'
in:Chris Perriam, Ann Davies (Eds), Carmen, Amsterdam - New York, NY, 2005
Illustrations:  no
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Blood and Sand (1941)
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Blood and Sand
United States 1941

Directed by

George Reeves
Pedro de Cordoba
Fortunio Bonanova
Victor Kilian
Adrian Morris
Charles Stevens
Cora Sue Collins
Russell Hicks
Maurice Cass
Rex Downing
Alberto Morin
Julian Rivero
Elena Verdugo
Kay Linaker
Gino Corrado
Fred Malatesta


Running time:125 minutes
Country:United States

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