Manhattan Cocktail 1928

Nancy Carroll, Paul Lukas - Manhattan Cocktail
Nancy Carroll, Richard Arlen - Manhattan Cocktail
Nancy Carroll, Paul Lukas - Manhattan Cocktail

The title of this unusually arresting comedy-drama is precisely descriptive. A cocktail it is stimulating, laugh inducing, pick-me-up with a kick. It is a fascinating review of New York's theater circle. Nancy Carroll is a restless little college "grad" with one eye on the stage. The young Greek drama assistant is mad about her, but she finds the pedestal on which he puts her more classic than comfortable, and decides to take a tumble. Shamelessly, she besieges a smart revue producer, who purposely misunderstands her ardor. From then on, she has to step high and fast to keep her job and elude her employer. The characters interwoven in her venture, Richard Arlen, as the college youth, Paul Lukas, as the jaded producer, and Libyan Tashman, his flirtatious wife, are all penetratingly delineated by Dorothy Arzner's ultra-sophisticated direction.

Photoplay December 1928

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Manhattan Cocktail
United States 1928

Directed by

Danny O'Shea


Country:United States

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