Desperately Seeking Susan 1985

 Madonna, Rosanna Arquette - Desperately Seeking Susan

Roberta is a housewife, bored with her life and feeling ignored by her hot tub-selling husband. The one thing that interests her is the excitement and romance she finds in following the relationship of Jim and Susan, who communicate through their travels using the personal ads. Susan is having her own fun when she sees the ad to meet Jim in NYC. Unfortunately, Susan is unaware that the last man she was with is entangled with the mob. So when Roberta shows up to actually see her idol, she takes it upon herself to emulate her. After a bout of amnesia, she is mistaken for Susan and must survive with Susan, Jim, her husband, and the mob - scrambling for the truth. Until Jims best friend comes to the rescue.

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Amy L. Unterburger (editor)
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Detroit - New York - London, 1998

Desperately Seeking Susan
United States 1985

Directed by

Robert Joy
Steven Wright
Anne Carlisle
Giancarlo Esposito
Rockets Redglare
John Lurie
Victor Argo
Shirley Stoler
Kim Chan


Running time:104 minutes
Country:United States

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