A Dry White Season 1989

Caucasian Ben du Toit was born in South Africa, marries Susan, has a son, Johan, and teaches to earn a living. During the 1980s the Government declares a state of emergency, arrests and tortures tens of thousands of black residents, even as young as 11 years old. One of them, Jonathan, who happened to be the son of his Gardener, is arrested and subsequently killed by the Police while allegedly trying to escape. This sudden death arouses his suspicions, he decides to probe into this matter and ensure that no one gets away with murder. Little does he realize that soon he will be labeled a 'traitor' by people of his very own race.

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A Dry White Season
United States 1989

Directed by

Winston Ntshona
Rowen Elmes
David De Keyser
Bekhithemba Mpofu
Paul Brooke


Running time:97 minutes
Country:United States

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