The Mating Call 1928

This is the last of seven pictures under Meighan's million dollar contract signed with Paramount two years ago. The picture, made from Rex Beach's popular novel, is Meighan at his best.

It takes a man of strong fiber to spend four years in the war, living only on the memory of a goodbye kiss from the woman he has clandestinely married. It takes an even stronger man to live through the ordeal of discovering, on his return, that his marriage has been annulled and the girl is married to another. Just see how our hero meets this situation and gets himself another wife!

Evelyn Brent and Renee Adoree have equally prominent roles supporting Meighan. James Cruze has directed a picture of great romantic appeal.
Photoplay October 1928

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The Mating Call
United States 1928

Directed by

Luke Cosgrave
Cyril Chadwick
Herman J. Mankiewicz


Running time:72 minutes
Country:United States

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