John Barrymore makes an excellent and entertaining bow to all-talking pictures in this sumptuous costume drama of the Eighteenth Century.

The story is highly romantic, with a touch of court intrigue and a dash of gypsy passion. There isn't too much of the famous profile, and Jack has even sacrificed that exquisite haircut for the sake of a little realism and the dashing soldier he plays. Marian Nixon marches on to glory, and fine performances are given by Lowell Sherman, Hobart Bosworth and the sizzling Little Armida. You'll be sorry if you miss this. It has color, action and good acting — and through all, the thrill of that famous Barrymore voice! "General Crack" pulls Handsome John far out of his recent cinematic slump. All Talkie.

Photoplay January 1930

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General Crack
United States 1930

Directed by

Otto Matieson
Andrés de Segurola
Wilhelm von Brincken


Running time:97 minutes
Country:United States

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