A Soldier's Story 1984

A Soldier's Story

1944. On a country road in Louisiana, a black master-sergeant, Vernon Waters, hated by all that knew him, is shot dead. A Harvard-trained military attorney, Captain Davenport, the first black officer the Louisiana men have ever seen, investigates. Colonel Nivens demands that he finish up in three days; Captain Taylor is sympathetic but worried should Davenport discover that the killer was a white man. But Davenport finds that three men bore the dead man a grudge.

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Larry Langman and David Ebner
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Westport, Connecticut - London, 2001

A Soldier's Story
United States 1984

Directed by

Howard E. Rollins, Jr.
Art Evans
Robert Townsend
Wings Hauser
Trey Wilson


Running time:101 minutes
Country:United States

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