My Beautiful Laundrette 1985

My Beautiful Laundrette is set within the Asian community in London, during the Thatcher years, and displays those values, of money but 'anybody can make it.' Omar gains the running of his Uncle Nasser's laundrette. He is helped by his friend Johnny who is an outsider, white but not entirely accepted by either the white or Asian Londoners. There are many memorable characters: Tania, Omar's cousin whom he might marry. Salim the manager of Nasser's garage and sometime drug importer. Rachel, Nasser's white mistriss, who like Johnny seems to be another outsider. The interaction of these people gives a comic insight into their world and makes a very refreshing film.

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My Beautiful Laundrette
United Kingdom 1985

Directed by

Derrick Branche
Garry Cooper
Neil Cunningham
Colin Campbell
Persis Khambatta


Running time:97 minutes
Country:United Kingdom

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