The Black Shield of Falworth 1954

Tony Curtis, Janet Leigh - The Black Shield of Falworth

Because King Henry IV is ailing, real power in England rests with the wicked Earl of Alban. Prince Hal plots with the Earl of Macworth to undermine the wicked earl's influence. Among those who serve at Macworth Castle are two peasants, Myles and Meg Falworth, who are really children of the wrongly dishonered Earl of Falworth. King Henry knights Myles and he defeats Alban, who had defamed and killed Myles and Meg's father. 1

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The Black Shield of Falworth
United States 1954

Directed by

Barbara Rush
Torin Thatcher
Dan O'Herlihy
Patrick O'Neal
Doris Lloyd
Rhys Williams
Leonard Mudie
Claud Allister
Hamilton Camp
Harry Cording
Reginald Sheffield


Running time:99 minutes
Country:United States

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