Hannah and Her Sisters 1986

Cast and credits
Directed by Woody Allen
Screenplay by Woody Allen
LeeBarbara Hershey
AprilCarrie Fisher
ElliotMichael Caine
HannahMia Farrow
HollyDianne Wiest
NormaMaureen O'Sullivan
EvanLloyd Nolan
FrederickMax von Sydow
MickeyWoody Allen
DustyDaniel Stern
GailJulie Kavner
MaryJulia Louis-Dreyfus
Ed SmytheJ.T. Walsh
WriterJohn Turturro
Dr. GreyFred Melamed
Dr. WilkesRichard Jenkins
Father FlynnKen Costigan
DavidSam Waterston
Director of photography Carlo Di Palma
Executive Producer Charles H. Joffe
Production Design Stuart Wurtzel
Costume Designer Jeffrey Kurland
Edited by Susan E. Morse
Country: United States
Language: English