Regarding Henry 1991

A shark among New York lawyers, Henry Turner is a hard-hearted and predatory workaholic, always on the move. Then he walks into an armed hold-up and everything changes. He survives the physical and mental traumas of being shot, but he must painfully relearn how to work his body and then face a wife, daughter and life he no longer remembers. During the course of his unpredictable recuperation, Henry's family begin to realise that things will never be the same - which may not be a bad thing.

Books with substantial mentioning of Regarding Henry
Frank N. Magill (ed.)
Magill's Cinema Annual 1992, A Survey of the Films of 1991
Pasadena, Ca; Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 1992

Regarding Henry
United States 1991

Directed by

Michael Haley
Rebecca Miller
Bruce Altman
Donald Moffat
Robin Bartlett
Bill Nunn
Nancy Marchand


Running time:108 minutes
Country:United States

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