Greta Scacchi - White Mischief
Charles Dance, Sarah Miles - White Mischief
Greta Scacchi, Trevor Howard, Joss Ackland - White Mischief

Untouched by the Second World War the British aristocrats in Happy Valley are continuing their life of decadence, drugs and sexual intrigue. Sir "Jock" Delves Broughton enters into this highly charged atmosphere with his beautiful young wife Diana and the stage is set for tragedy. Diana soon falls in love with Josslyn Hay , Earl of Erroll - an affair destined to rock society and lead to murder.

White Mischief
United Kingdom / United States 1987

Directed by

Joss Ackland
Murray Head
Alan Dobie
Gregor Fisher
Sean Mathias
Gary Beadle


Running time:107 minutes
Country:United Kingdom
United States

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