The Falcon and the Snowman 1985

The true story of Christopher Boyce (Hutton), a young All-American man whose job as a guard for sensitive documents shatters his faith in his country and leads him to a sometimes comic, sometimes chilling sideline as a spy for the Soviets, aided by his scruffy buddy, Daulton (Penn); it can't last, though, and the consequences are tremendous for Boyce and his family.

Books with an entry on The Falcon and the Snowman
Larry Langman & David Ebner
Encyclopedia of American Spy Films
New York & London, 1990

The Falcon and the Snowman
United Kingdom / United States 1985

Directed by

Pat Hingle
Joyce Van Patten
Art Camacho
Richard Dysart
Chris Makepeace
Dorian Harewood
David Suchet
Lori Singer
Tom Nolan
Michael Ironside
John Ratzenberger
John Lennon


Running time:131 minutes
Country:United Kingdom
United States

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