Cast and credits
Directed by Kenneth Branagh
Screenplay by Kenneth Branagh
Based on a play by William Shakespeare
HamletKenneth Branagh
OpheliaKate Winslet
Ghost of Hamlets FatherBrian Blessed
English AmbassadorRichard Attenborough
PoloniusRichard Briers
PriestMichael Bryant
GertrudeJulie Christie
First GravediggerBilly Crystal
HecubaJudi Dench
ReynaldoGerard Depardieu
GuildensternReece Dinsdale
YorickKen Dodd
Attendant to GertrudeAngela Douglas
HoratioNicholas Farrell
FranciscoRay Fearon
PriamJohn Gielgud
Player QueenRosemary Harris
Player KingCharlton Heston
ClaudiusDerek Jacobi
MarcellusJack Lemmon
Old NorwayJohn Mills
Sailor TwoJimi Mistry
Second GravediggerSimon Russell Beale
FortinbrasRufus Sewell
RosencrantzTimothy Spall
Perdita Weeks
OsricRobin Williams
Produced by David Barron
Music composed by Patrick Doyle
Costume Designer Alexandra Byrne
Running time: 242 minutes 1
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Sight & Sound February nr. 2 1997

Country: United States
Language: English
Production Company: Castle Rock Entertainment

In Colour
Prints by Technicolor
"In Pace"
by Patrick Doyle, Russell Jackson
performed by Placido Domingo