Beverly Hills Cop II 1987

Judge Reinhold, John Ashton, Eddie Murphy - Beverly Hills Cop II
Eddie Murphy - Beverly Hills Cop II
Eddie Murphy - Beverly Hills Cop II

A gang which is led by a 6ft woman robs Adriano's, a jewellery store in Berverly Hills, and leaves behind an enveloppe bearing the letter 'A' and containing a cryptic message signed 'Carlos'. Next, Captain Bogomil, the head of the police investigation, is critically wounded by the same gang, prompting his old friend, Axel Foley, to make his way from Detroit to investigate the Alphabet Crimes.

Books with substantial mentioning of Beverly Hills Cop II
James Robert Parish
The Great Cop Pictures
Metuchen, N.J., & London, 1990

James Robert Parish and George H. Hill
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Beverly Hills Cop II
United States 1987

Directed by

John Ashton
Ronny Cox
Allen Garfield
Paul Reiser
Robert Ridgely
Gilbert Gottfried
Hugh M. Hefner
Robert Pastorelli
Rudy Ramos


Running time:100 minutes
Country:United States

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