She Wore a Yellow Ribbon 1949

Cast and credits
Directed by John Ford
Screenplay by Frank S. Nugent
Capt. Nathan Cutting BrittlesJohn Wayne
Olivia DandridgeJoanne Dru
Lt. Flint CohillJohn Agar
Sgt. TyreeBen Johnson
2nd Lt. Ross PennellHarry Carey Jr.
Top Sgt. QuincannonVictor McLaglen
Abby Old Iron Pants AllshardMildred Natwick
Major Mac Allshard, Commanding Officer Fort StarkeGeorge O'Brien
Dr. OLaughlinArthur Shields
Chief Pony That WalksChief John Big Tree
Cpl. Mike Quayne, Leader of Paradise River PatrolTom Tyler
Chief Red ShirtNoble M. Johnson
Licensed Suttler Karl RyndersHarry Woods
NarratorIrving Pichel
Connelly, Fort Stark Suttlers BarmanFrancis Ford
GunrunnerPaul Fix
Sergeant MajorJack Pennick
Director of photography Winton C. Hoch
Executive Producers John Ford
Merian C. Cooper
Edited by Jack Murray
Country: United States
Language: English