The Last Hurrah 1958

Irish-Catholic long-time Mayor Frank Skeffington (Spencer Tracy) runs for one more term, thus mobilizing the forces of old Protestant money (the aristocratic members of the Plymouth Club) against him and his reforms for the poor. Skeffington asks his nephew Adam (Jeffrey Hunter), a fence-sitting sports writer, to observe this „last hurrah“, which ends in failure even though his opponent, Kevin McCluskey (Charles FitzSimmons) is nothing more than a comic, ineffectual puppet. Skeffington has a heart attack following his defeat, and dies surrounded by his friends. He comforts them as he dies, leaving the world of the film an empty place indeed without his presence. 3

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The Last Hurrah
United States 1958

Directed by

Ken Curtis
Frank Sully
Harry Tenbrook
Harry Lauter
Julius Tannen
Roy Jenson
Rand Brooks
William Forrest
Charles Sullivan
William Henry
Wilbur Mack
Richard Deacon
Charles Trowbridge
Harry Strang
Jack Pennick
Hal K. Dawson
Harry Tyler
Thomas E. Jackson
Paul McVey


Running time:121 minutes 1
Country:United States

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