The Sun Shines Bright 1953

Cast and credits
Directed by John Ford
Judge William Pittman PriestCharles Winninger
Ashby CorwinJohn Russell
Jeff PoindexterStepin Fetchit
Dr. Lewt LakeRussell Simpson
Herman FelsburgLudwig Stössel
Army Sgt. Jimmy BagbyPaul Hurst
Sheriff Andy RedcliffeMitchell Lewis
Horace K. MaydewMilburn Stone
Joe D. HabershamHenry O'Neill
Sterling, Lanky BackwoodsmanSlim Pickens
Lucy Lees MotherDorothy Jordan
General FairfieldJames Kirkwood
Buck RamseyGrant Withers
Rufe RamseurTrevor Bardette
Feeney (Old Backwoodsman)Francis Ford
Mrs. Aurora RatchittJane Darwell
Uncle ZackClarence Muse
G.A.R. Woman at the BallMae Marsh
Party Guest at BallJack Perrin
CadetPatrick Wayne
GuardJack Mower
Beaker (Lynch-Party Member)Jack Pennick
Wilbur Mack
Dock WalloperFrank O'Connor
Produced by Merian C. Cooper
John Ford
Music composed by Victor Young
Costume Designer Adele Palmer
Edited by Jack Murray
Country: United States
Language: English
Release date: May 2, 1953 1