John Wayne - The Quiet Man
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Gerry McNee
The Quiet Man, In the Footsteps of
Edinburgh, 1990

Gerry McNee
In the Footsteps of The Quiet Man
Edinburgh, 1990
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The John Wayne Filmography
Jefferson, North Carolina, and London, 2004

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The Complete Films of John Wayne
New York, NY, 1995

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Alternate Oscars, One Critic's Defiant Choices for Best Picture, Actor, and Actress - From 1927 to the Present
New York, 1993

Tag Gallagher
John Ford: The Man and His Films
Berkeley-Los Angeles-London, 1986

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The Non-Western Films of John Ford
Secaucus, NJ, 1979

The Quiet Man
United States 1952

Directed by

Eileen Crowe
Arthur Shields
Sean McClory
Michael Wayne
Ken Curtis
Patrick Wayne
Hank Worden
Harry Tenbrook
Harry Tyler
Frank O'Connor
Philip Stainton


Running time:129 minutes
Country:United States
Irish Gaelic

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