When Willie Comes Marching Home 1950

Bill Kluggs, first to enlist from Puxatawnew, West Virginia, is disgraced when his proficiency as a gunner returns him to his hometown, as a trainer. He desperately requests an overseas assignment as neighbors, family, and even dogs treat him like a shirker. Finally he is sent on a secret mission, recovers vital information, and is decorated all in the space of thirty-six hilarious hours. 2

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When Willie Comes Marching Home
United States 1950

Directed by

Jimmy Lydon
Evelyn Varden
Frederic Brunn
Wilton Graff
Harry Tenbrook
Harry Lauter
Alan Hale Jr.
Franklyn Farnum
William Bryant
John Mitchum
Hank Worden
Charles Halton
Larry Keating
Alberto Morin
Heinie Conklin
Charles Trowbridge
Harry Strang
Jack Pennick
Paul Bryar
Otto Reichow
John McGuire


Running time:82 minutes
Country:United States

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