The Fugitive 1947

Cast and credits
Directed by John Ford
Emilio Fernandez
Screenplay by Dudley Nichols
Based on a novel by Graham Greene
A FugitiveHenry Fonda
An Indian WomanDolores del Rio
A Lieutenant of PolicePedro Armendáriz
A Police InformerJ. Carrol Naish
A Chief of PoliceLeo Carrillo
El GringoWard Bond
A Sergeant of PoliceRobert Armstrong
A Refugee DoctorJohn Qualen
The Governors CousinFortunio Bonanova
An Organ-GrinderChris-Pin Martin
PolicemanRodolfo Acosta
ManJack Pennick
Father SerraMel Ferrer
Director of photography Gabriel Figueroa
Produced by John Ford
Merian C. Cooper
Edited by Jack Murray
Running time: 104 minutes
Country: Mexico
United States
Language: English