Knight Without Armour 1937

Cast and credits
Directed by Jacques Feyder
Screenplay by Lajos Biró
Based on a novel by James Hilton
Countess Alexandra VladinoffMarlene Dietrich
Ainsley J. Fothergill aka Peter OuronovRobert Donat
Duchess of ZorinIrene Vanbrugh
General Gregor VladinoffHerbert Lomas
Alexis MaroninDavid Tree
PoushkoffJohn Clements
StanfieldFrederick Culley
White GeneralAllan Jeayes
White OfficerRaymond Huntley
Hospital OrderlyMark Daly
Minor RoleJames Carew
Minor RoleGuy Rolfe
CommissarPeter Bull
PianistMiklós Rózsa
Minor RoleEvelyn Ankers
British Passport OfficialTorin Thatcher
Director of photography Harry Stradling Sr.
Produced by Alexander Korda
Country: United Kingdom
Language: English