The Grapes of Wrath 1940

Returning home from prison, Tom Joad finds his family and others like them driven off their small tenant farms by large companies who can farm vast tracts of land more economically. The Joads, with Casey, the preacher who lost his calling, make the difficult journey to California, but once there find the promises of work empty. They finally find work, only to realize they are strikebreaking. Tom discovers Casey is a leader of the strikers, and when the owners kill Casey, Tom takes up his role. He leaves his family to do labor work, and they go on with faith in „the people“. 2

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The Grapes of Wrath
United States 1940

Directed by

Dorris Bowdon
Zeffie Tilbury
Frank Sully
Frank Darien
Darryl Hickman
Shirley Mills
Roger Imhof
Grant Mitchell
Charles D. Brown
Harry Tyler
William Pawley
Selmer Jackson
Eddy Waller
Paul Guilfoyle
Cliff Clark
Frank Faylen
Adrian Morris
Robert Homans
Trevor Bardette
Harry Tenbrook
Inez Palange
Ted Oliver
Barney Gilmore
Robert J. Anderson
George P. Breakston
Jim Corey
Wally Albright
Gino Corrado
Ben Hall
Ralph Dunn
David Kirkland
Rex Lease
Frank O'Connor
Frank Newburg
Pat Flaherty
John Dilson
Joe Bordeaux
Norman Willis
Harry Strang
Jack Pennick
Harry Cording
Erville Alderson


Country:United States

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