The Prisoner of Shark Island 1936

After unwittingly aiding Lincoln's assassin, Dr. Samuel Mudd is condemned to life on an island prison in a mock court trial. An outbreak of yellow fever nearly decimates the island; Dr. Mudd regains both his dignity and his freedom when he saves guards and prisoners.3

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Kent Jones, At Cross Purposes, in: Filmcomment, nr. 4 (July/August), 2006 pp. 22
Author:Kent Jones
Title:At Cross Purposes
Illustrations:  yes
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The Prisoner of Shark Island
United States 1936

Directed by

Arthur Byron
John McGuire
Douglas Wood
Frank Shannon
Frank McGlynn Sr.
J.M. Kerrigan
Paul McVey
Maurice Murphy
Wedgwood Nowell
Paul Stanton
James A. Marcus
Dick Elliott
Robert Homans
Jack Pennick
George Reed
Harry Strang
Wilfred Lucas
Ray Turner


Running time:95 minutes 1
Country:United States

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