Steamboat 'Round the Bend 1935

With a newly acquired steamboat-cum-floating-waxworks show, Dr. John Pearly sells his cure-all elixer along the Mississippi. His nephew Duke is accused of murder, and only one eyewitness can prove it was self-defense. Dr. John and Fleety Belle, the swamp girl Duke loves, set off down the river to find him before Duke is hanged. They become involved in a race for Duke's life and the steamboat itself, and use the elixer, the waxworks, and most of the boat itself to fuel their win. 5

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Steamboat 'Round the Bend
United States 1935

Directed by

John McGuire
Berton Churchill
Roger Imhof
James A. Marcus
Luke Cosgrave
C.E. Anderson
William 'Billy' Benedict
Hobart Cavanaugh
Robert Homans
Si Jenks
Jack Pennick
Heinie Conklin
Ben Hall


Running time:70 minutes 1
80 minutes 2
Country:United States

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