Steamboat 'Round the Bend 1935

Cast and credits
Directed by John Ford
Screenplay by Lamar Trotti
Dudley Nichols
Doctor John PearlyWill Rogers
Fleety BelleAnne Shirley
Captain EliIrvin S. Cobb
Sheriff Rufe JeffersEugene Pallette
DukeJohn McGuire
New MosesBerton Churchill
EfeFrancis Ford
Brecks PappyRoger Imhof
Matt AbelRaymond Hatton
ChaplainHobart Bosworth
JonahStepin Fetchit
Labor BossLuke Cosgrave
JailerC.E. Anderson
Fleety Belles BrotherBen Hall
WardenJames A. Marcus
BreckWilliam 'Billy' Benedict
Hobart Cavanaugh
BoyRobert Parrish
SalesmanDell Henderson
JailbirdHeinie Conklin
Fleety Belles FatherCharles Middleton
River Man with PappyJack Pennick
Farmer at DemonstrationsSi Jenks
Race OfficialRobert Homans
Produced by Sol M. Wurtzel
Running time: 70 minutes 1
80 minutes 2
Country: United States
Language: English
Release date: September 6, 1935 3 4
Distributor: Fox Film Corporation