Cast and credits
Directed by John Ford
Screenplay by Dudley Nichols
Gypo NolanVictor McLaglen
Mary McPhillipHeather Angel
Dan GallagherPreston Foster
Katie MaddenMargot Grahame
Frankie McPhillipWallace Ford
Mrs. McPhillipUna O'Connor
TerryJ.M. Kerrigan
Bartly MulhollandJoe Sawyer
Peter MulliganDonald Meek
Judge FlynnFrancis Ford
May Boley
English GirlGrizelda Harvey
J. Farrell MacDonald
Eddy Chandler
House PatronCornelius Keefe
British OfficerPat Somerset
BitJames Murray
AdmirerHarry Tenbrook
Flash PatronClyde Cook
DetractorRobert Homans
Man at WakeJack Mulhall
Young SoldierRobert Parrish
Ward Bond
British OfficerEarle Foxe
Director of photography Joseph H. August
Produced by John Ford
Music composed by Max Steiner
Costume Designer Walter Plunkett
Edited by George Hively
Running time: 91 minutes 1
Country: United States
Language: English
Release date: May 1, 1935 2