Judge Priest 1934

During election time in a Civil War-conscious Kentucky town of 1890, Bob Gillis, a mysterious figure in the small community, assaults a man for insulting Ellie May, an orphan girl, whose lack of family background make her an unacceptable wife for Jerome Priest, a new lawyer just returned home. Thanks to Judge Billy Priest, it is revealed during the trial that Gillis is Ellie May's father, and his heroism in the Virginia Regiment redeems both of them from social disgrace. Billy wins the election, reunites the father and daughter, and makes it possible for Jerome and Ellie May to marry.3

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Judge Priest
United States 1934

Directed by

David Landau
Roger Imhof
Berton Churchill
Harry Tenbrook
Si Jenks
Matt McHugh
George Reed
Paul McVey


Running time:79 minutes 1
Country:United States

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