Pilgrimage 1933

To keep him from his lover, Hannah Jessop (Henrietta Crossman) enlists her son Jim in the Army during World War I. When he is killed, her guilt and anger are so strong that she doesn't acknowledge his son until she has gone to France with the Gold Star mothers. Having seen a simirlarly possessive mother nearly destroy her son, Hannah returns home to accept what remains of her family.3

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Berkeley-Los Angeles-London, 1986

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US 1933

Directed by

Henrietta Crosman
Norman Foster
Maurice Murphy
William Burress
Rosa Rosanova
Jack Mower
Ann Brody
Inez Palange
Harry Tenbrook
Edward Gargan
Wilbur Mack
Claude King
Jack Pennick
Sarah Padden
Si Jenks
Mary Gordon
August Tollaire


Running time:90 minutes 1

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