Dry Martini 1928

You know the suave, sophisticated sort of stuff done by Director Harry D'Arrast. This is in the smartest D'Arrast manner, with many of the scenes laid in front of the Ritz bar in Paris. A mellow old expatriated American dwells pleasantly in the French capital until his daughter comes to visit him for the first time in ten years. Daughter is a little too sophisticated for the old fellow and lands Willoughby Quimby and his friends in all sorts of tribulations.

Albert Gran is delightful as the conservative old playboy, Willoughby Quimby, while Matt Moore is excellent as a perpetually bunned ycung American. Mary Astor is admirable as the daughter. A neat bit is contributed by Jocelyn Lee, who plays Georgette, something more than friend to the elderly Quimby.

Photoplay November 1928

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Dry Martini
US 1928

Directed by
Harry d' Abbadie d'Arrast

Albert Gran
Tom Ricketts
Hugh Trevor


Running time:7,176 ft. 1

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