Films from 1928

4 Devils
Abie's Irish Rose
Across to Singapore
Adam's Apple
The Adorable Outcast
The Air Circus
Air Mail Pilot
Alias Jimmy Valentine
Der alte Fritz - 1. Friede
Am Ruedesheimer Schloss steht eine Linde
The Apache
The Assassin of Grief and Remorse
The Avenging Rider
The Avenging Shadow
The Awakening
The Bantam Cowboy
The Barker
The Battle of the Sexes
The Beau Brummels
Beau Sabreur
Beautiful But Dumb
Beggars of Life
Beware of Blondes
The Big City
The Big Hop
A Bit of Heaven
Bitter Sweets
The Black Ace
Black Butterflies
The Black Pearl
A Blonde for a Night
The Book Worm
The Bride of the Colorado
Bringing Up Father
Broadway Daddies
Brotherly Love
Burning Bridges
Burning the Wind
The Cameraman
Captain Careless
Captain Swagger
The Cardboard Lover
The Cavalier
Un chapeau de paille d'Italie
Chicken a La King
Chinatown Charlie
La chute de la maison Usher
The Circus Kid
Circus Rookies
The Circus
The City of Purple Dreams
Clearing the Trail
The Cloud Dodger
Code of the Air
Companionate Marriage
The Constant Nymph
The Cop
Craig's Wife
The Crash
The Crimson City
The Crowd
Danger Street
Diamond Handcuffs
The Divine Sinner
The Divine Woman
The Dizzy Diver
Do Your Duty
The Docks of New York
Dog Law
Domestic Meddlers
Doña Juana
Down South
The Dragnet
Dream of Love
Dressed to Kill
Dry Martini
Ducks and Deducts
Easy Come, Easy Go
Easy Virtue
Eva und der Grashüpfer
Excess Baggage
The Farmer's Wife
Feel My Pulse
The First Kiss
The Fleet's In
The Floating College
Flyin' Buckaroo