Films from 1928

The Foreign Legion
Forgotten Faces
Four Sons
Four Walls
Foys for Joys
The Gateway of the Moon
Geheimnisse des Orients
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
A Girl in Every Port
Das Girl von der Revue
The Glorious Trail
The Good-bye Kiss
The Grain of Dust
Guardians of the Wild
The Gun Runner
Hangman's House
The Happy Jester
Harold Teen
The Haunted House
The Head of the Family
Hearts of Men
Die Heilige und ihr Narr
Hey Rube!
His Last Haul
His Private Life
Hollywood Bound
The Home Towners
The House of Shame
I Forbid!
In a Music Shoppe
In Old Arizona
The Interview
Into No Man's Land
Jest Moments
King Cowboy
Kit Carson
Königin Luise, 2. Teil
A Lady of Chance
The Last Command
Laugh, Clown, Laugh
The Legion of the Condemned
The Lemon
The Leopard Lady
Let 'Er Go Gallegher
Liebe im Kuhstall
Liebe und Diebe
Lightning Speed
Lilac Time
The Lion's Roar
The Little Shepherd of Kingdom Come
The Little Wildcat
The Look Out Girl
Love Hungry
Love Over Night
Lucky Boy
Lucky in Love
Mad Hour
Making the Varsity
The Man in Hobbles
A Man of Peace
The Man who Laughs
Man-Made Women
Manhattan Cocktail
Manhattan Knights
Mann gegen Mann
Marked Money
The Masked Angel
The Masks of the Devil
The Matinee Idol
The Mating Call
Me, Gangster
Melody of Love
Midnight Life
Midnight Life
Milak, der Grönlandjäger
Modern Mothers
The Morrissey & Miller Night Club Revue
Mother Knows Best
Mother Machree
Moulin Rouge
Must We Marry?
My Man
The Mysterious Lady
Een nacht op het duivelsveld
Name the Woman
Nameless Men
Napoleon's Barber
Naughty Baby
The Naughty Duchess
Nearly Divorced
Ned McCobb's Daughter
The Night Bird