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J.E.A. BawdenJanet Leigh1
Steve SwiresWhatever Happened to the Other Paul Williams?15
Charles FordThe French Serials21
Kirk CrivelloPeggy Shannon 1909-194131
Page CookThe Sound Track38
Anthony SlideFilms on 8 & 1642
Alvin H. MarillFilms on TV46
Book reviews49
Alvin H. MarillReview TV Season 1976-7749
Anthony SlideReview The Great Movie Comedians49
William K. EversonReview The Fifty Worst movies of All Time50
Film Reviews53
Marsha McCreadieViolette53
Marsha McCreadiePerceval53
Dorothy DeanGoin' South54
James M. WelshBorn Again54
William SternmanLord of the Rings55
C.P.R.King of the Gypsies55
Wm. K. EversonThe Cat and the Canary56
Michael BuckleyGo Tell the Spartans57
Dorothy DeanBloodbrothers57
Pat AndersonWho'll Stop the Rain58
Tatiana Balkoff LipscombHot Lead Cold Feet58
Charles Phillips Reilly1978's Ten Best65
DeWitt Bodeen - Larry L. HollandNeptune's Daughters73
James BigwoodAlan Napier89
Page CookThe Sound Track105
Anthony SlideFilms on 8 & 16108
Alvin H. MarillFilms on TV110
Herman WeinbergThe Weinberg Touch113
Book reviews116
Wm.K. EversonReview The Films of Sherlock Holmes116
Herman WeinbergReview Rita Hayworth117
Film Reviews119
Jim BeaverSuperman119
Pat AndersonCalifornia Suite120
Tom RogersInvasion of the Body Snatchers120
Rob EdelmanSame Time, Next Year121
Michael SeitzGet Out Your Handkerchiefs122
C.P.R.Moment by Moment123
Rob EdelmanSlow Dancing in the Big City123
Roger B. DooleyThe Gold-Diggers in Hollywood129
James Robert HaspielThe Monroe-Harlow Connection145
Robert A. EvansEvans' 1978 Chronicle150
Page CookThe Sound Track167
Anthony SlideFilms on 8 & 16171
Alvin H. MarillFilms on TV174
Book reviews177
DeWitt BodeenReview Pictures Will Talk177
DeWitt BodeenReview Screen World178
Wm. K. EversonReview Scream Queens178
Film Reviews180
Marsha McCreadieThe Innocent180
Pat AndersonWifemistress180
Trisha CurranMovie, Movie181
Jeffrey WellsHalloween182
Rob EdelmanBrass Target183
William SternmanForce Ten From Navarone184
Dorothy DeanMax Havelaar185
Rob EdelmanOn the Yard185
Tatiana Balkoff LipscombThe North Avenue Irregulars
DeWitt BodeenBillie Dove193
Jeffrey ElliotAbbott and Costello209
William K. EversonRediscovery219
Page CookThe Sound Track225
Anthony SlideFilms on 8 & 16229
Alvin H. MarillFilms on TV232
Herman WeinbergThe Weinberg Touch235
Book Reviews238
Page CookReview The Films of Tyrone Power238
Trisha CurranReview Robert Altman239
Review Sophia, Living and Loving239
Film Reviews241
Marsha McCreadieThe Deer Hunter241
Tom RogersQuintet242
Jeffrey WellsAgatha243
Tom RogersMurder by Decree243
Trisha CurranHardcore244
Jeffrey WellsThe Great Train Robbery245
Trisha CurranYour Turn, My Turn246
Rob EdelmanThe Promise246
The French Detective247
Edwin KephartIce Castles248
Pat AndersonJust Crazy About Horses249
Donald Edward StaplesReal Life249
Films in Review in 1978250
Ronald BowersThe 51st Academy Awards257
Larry Lee HollandConrad Nagel 1897-1970265
Eileen BowserMoma's Special Oscar283
Doug McClellandBarbara Hale290
Page CookThe Sound Track297
Anthony SlideFilms on 8 & 16300
Alvin H. MarillThe Television Scene302
Book Reviews305
Michael BuckleyReview The Oscar Movies305
R.B.Review 50 Golden Years of Oscar305
DeWitt BodeenReview Four Fabulous Faces306
Film Reviews307
Pat AndersonNorma Rae307
Marcia MagillVoices
Jeffrey WellsDespair309
Tom RogersDawn of the Dead309
Rob EdelmanWhen You Comin' Back, Red Ryder?310
Jeffrey WellsThe Bell Jar311
Rob EdelmanBoulevard Nights312
Jeffrey WellsPicnic at Hanging Rock312
Rob EdelmanHair: Two views313
Eric BradfordHair: Two views314
Rob EdelmanAll Things Bright and Beautiful314
Films in Release320
Rob EdelmanPaul Robeson321
Harry HaunLuise Rainer333
DeWitt BodeenRichard Arlen337
Anthony SlideFilms on 8 & 16355
Page CookThe Sound Track358
Alvin H. MarillThe Television Scene362
Herman WeinbergThe Weinberg Touch364
Book Reviews367
Anthony SlideReview The War, the West and the Wilderness367
Films in Review371
Rob EdelmanManhattan371
Pat AndersonThe China Syndrome372
Dorothy DeanA Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man373
Ronald BowersThe Consequence373
Jeffrey WellsLove on the Run374
Tom RogersLove at First Bite374
Jeffrey WellsAn Almost Perfect Affair375
Pat AndersonA Perfect Couple376
Dorothy DeanA Little Romance377
William K. EversonFedora377
Edwin KephartRemember My Name378
Rob EdelmanThe Champ379
Edwin KephartHurricane379
Films in Release384
Gunnar LundquistNils Asther385
Films in Review has a 30th Birthday Party404
Rob EdelmanFrances Farmer406
Mary Pickford415
Page CookThe Sound Track416
Anthony SlideFilms on 8 & 16420
Alvin H. MarillThe Television Scene422
Herman WeinbergThe Weinberg Touch425
Book Reviews428
James Robert HaspielReview Diary of a Lover of Marilyn Monroe428
Michael BuckleyReview Close-Ups430
Michael BuckleyReview Academy Awards431
Films in Review432
Jim Welsh & John TibbettsWinstanley432
Robert Martinthe Tree of Wooden Clogs433
Jeffrey WellsEscape from Alcatraz434
Dean BillantiSextette434
Robert MartinLa cage aux folles435
R.B.Death of a Bureaucrat436
Jeffrey WellsAlien436
Rob EdelmanRocky II436
Robert MartinTill Marriage Do Us Part437
Jeffrey WellsThe Main Event438
Edwin KephartTeresa the Thief438
Dean BillantiThe Silent Partner439
Tom RogersThe Muppet Movie439
Edwin KephartSaint Jack440
Films in Release448
Jim BeaverJohn Carradine449
DeWitt BodeenAileen Pringle468
Page CookThe Sound Track484
Anthony SlideFilms on 8 & 16487
Alvin H. MarillThe Television Scene489
Herman WeinbergThe Weinberg Touch491
Book Reviews493
DeWitt BodeenReview More Fabulous Faces493
Herman WeinbergReview Hitchcock493
DeWitt BodeenReview Crawford - the Last Years493
Films in Review495
Pat Anderson, Jeffrey WellsApocalypse Now: Two Views495
Edwin KephartThe Seduction of Joe Tynan496
Jeffrey WellsNorth Dallas Forty497
Robert MartinThe Onion Field498
Pat AndersonRich Kids498
Jeffrey WellsPourquois Pas!499
Marsha McCreadieAgee499
Dean BillantiOrchestra Rehearsal500
Edwin KephartEl Super501
Pat AndersonBreaking Away501
Jeffrey WellsRape of Love502
Robert MartinSoldier of Orange502
Robert MartinPeppermint Soda503
Dean BillantiAshanti503
Robert MartinWoyzeck503
Pat AndersonThe Concorde - Airport '79504
Robert MartinNighthawks504
Rob EdelmanThe Frisco Kid504
Rob EdelmanJust Me and You, Kid505
Pat AndersonMeetings with Remarkable Men505
Films in Release512
Gregory MankThe Divine Garbo513
Rob EdelmanViet Vets Talk About Nam Films539
Wes D. GehringLeo McCarey543
Page CookThe Sound Track551
Anthony SlideFilms on 8 & 16554
Alvin H. MarillThe Television Scene557
Herman WeinbergThe Weinberg Touch560
Films in Review562
Edwin Kephart, Dean BillantiYanks: Two Views562
Edwin Kephart, Jeffrey WellsStarting Over: Two Views563
Rob EdelmanThe Green Room564
Jeffrey WellsWhen a Stranger Calls565
Tom RogersTime After Time566
Trisha CurranLuna567
Trisha CurranThe Marriage of Maria Braun567
Robert MartinDanny567
Rob EdelmanLove and Bullets568
Rob EdelmanThe Bugs Bunny Road-Runner Movie568
Pat AndersonNest of Vipers568
Pat AndersonPatrick568
Robert MartinRun After Me Until I Catch You!568
Pat AndersonCity on Fire569
Dean BillantiThe Legacy and The Brood569
Films in Release576
DeWitt BodeenLaurence Olivier577
Charles Phillips ReillyN.Y. Film Festival600
Alvin H. MarillAn Evening with Bette Davis603
Page CookThe Sound Track613
Anthony SlideFilms on 8 & 16616
Alvin H. MarillThe Television Scene617
Herman WeinbergThe Weinberg Touch619
Book reviews622
Herman WeinbergReview Great Science Fiction Films622
Doug McClellandReview The Films of Jennifer Jones622
Films in Review625
Charles ReillyThe Europeans625
Rob EdelmanBoardwalk625
Jeffrey Wells10626
Tom RogersNosferatu the Vampyre627
RBBest Buy628
Edwin KephartPromises in the Dark628
Rob EdelmanHead Over Heels629
Jeffrey WellsAnd Justice for All630
Charles ReillyDon Giovanni631
Edwin KephartThe Rose631
Tom RogersMeteor632
Rob EdelmanFrench Postcards632
Robert MartinThe Divine Nymph632
Dean BillantiNatural Enemies633
Dean BillantiRunning633
Films in Release640