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John BeltonIntroduction: Widescreen3
Albert ArnulfHenri Chrétien (1879-1956)5
Jean-Jacques MeusyHenri Chrétien, Bernard Natan, and the Hypergonar11
Kira KitsopanidouThe widescreen revolution and 20th Century-Fox's Eidophor in the 1950s32
Scott MarshallInterview with Dr. Wentworth Fling, the man who brought Cinerama out of the laboratory57
Marshall DeutelbaumBasic principles of anamorphic composition72
R. Bruce Brasell'A dangerous experiment to try': film censorship during the twentieth century in Mobile, Alabama81
David CallahanMuseum of Modern Art Film Stills Archive closes103
Janet BergstromBibliothèque du Film, Paris: fire and its consequences106
Letters to the Editor110
Charles Musser110
Lea Jacobs116
Billy Budd VermillionA respinse to Charles Musser117
Melinda Stone and Dan StreibleIntroduction: Small-Gauge and Amateur Film123
Dwight SwansonInventing amateur film: Marion Norris Gleason, Eastman Kodak and the Rochester scene, 1921-1932126
Anke Mebold and Charles TeppermanResurrecting the lost history of 28mm film in North America137
Heather Norris NicholsonBritish holiday films of the Mediterranean: at home and abroad with home movies, ca. 1925-1936152
Alexandra SchneiderHome movie-making and Swiss axpatriate identities in the 1920s and 1930s166
Dan StreibleItenerant filmmakers and amateur casts: a homemade 'Our Gang', 1926177
Janna JonesFrom forgotten film to a film archive: the curious history of From Stump to Ship193
Jesse LernerConsumed by a fever: the small-gauge cinema of Orizaba's Sergio Tinoco Solar203
Laura KisselLost, found and remade: an interviw with archivist and filmmaker Carolyn Faber208
Brian FryeThe accidental preservationist: an interview with Bill Brand214
Melinda Stone'If it moves, we'll shoot it': the San Diego Amateur Movie Club220
Alan D. KattelleThe Amateur Cinema League and its films238
Margaret A. Compton (ed.)Small-gauge and amateur film bibliography252
Richard KoszarskiIntroduction: Lost, strayed and forgotten - William K. Everson and the British Cinema275
William K. Everson and the British Cinema - Program Notes for the New School for Social Research279
Naomi CollinsonThe Legacy of Max Schach376
Richard Koszarski, Kathryn Caras, John LibbeyPublisher's Announcement395
Theodore Waters with an introduction by Richard KoszarskiOut With a Moving Picture Machine396
Stephen Bottomore'Weather cloudy - no sun' - Filming in Britain for the Edison Company in 1913. From Charles Brabin's diary403
Richard Koszarski"The Greatest Film Paramount Ever Made"436
Laura G. McGeeRevolution in the studio? The DEFA's fourth generation of film directors and their reform efforts in the last decade of the GDR444
Richard Hauer CostaBook review465
Back issues of Film History - volumes 1-15 (1987-2003)477