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Richard KoszarskiIntroductin: Chasing Reality3
Daniel KowalskyThe Soviet cinematic offensive in the Spanish Civil War7
Michael, Jennifer and Nathan, Jr. AronsonFamily history, film history: Dad & the Telenews Theatre Corporation20
Louis PelletierAn experiment in 'historically correct' Canadian photoplays: Montreal's British American Film Manufacturing Co.34
John WhiteMyth and movie making: Karl Bown and the making of Stark Love49
Amy LawrenceCnstructing a priest, silencing a saint: The PCA and I Confess (1953)58
Vicky LoweActing with feeling: Robert Donat, the 'Emotion Chart' and The Citadel (1938)73
Vincent L. BarnettDualling for Judy: The concept of the double in the films of Kim Novak86
John BeltonIntroduction: Film and Copyright107
Peter DecherneyCopyright dupes: piracy and new media in Edison v. Lubin (1903)109
David PierceForgotten faces: why some of our cinema heritage is part of the public domain125
Documentary filmmakers' statement of Best Practices in Fair Use144
Matthew H. Bernstein and Dana F. WhiteImitation of Life in a segregated Atlanta: its promotion, distribution and reception152
Paul RamaekerNotes on the split-field diopter179
Raffaele DonatoDocufictions: an interview with Martin Scorsese on documentary film199
Richard KoszarskiIntroduction: Movie Business211
Desirée J. GarciaSubversive sounds: ethnic spectatorship and Boston's nickelodeon theatres, 1907-1914213
Gary D. RhodesThe origin and development of the American moving picture poster228
Max AlvarezThe Motion Picture Distributing and Sales Company247
Rob King'Uproarious Inventions': The Keystone Film Company, modernity, and the art of the motor271
Bernard Ince'For the Love of the Art': The life and work of Percy Nash, film producer and director of the silent era292
D.J. TurnerLejaren à Hiller and the cinema302
Vincent L. BarnettPicturization partners: Elinor Glyn and the Thalberg contract affair319
Robert H. CochraneBeginning of motion pivture press agenting330
Dan Streible, Martina Roepke and Anke MeboldIntroduction: Nontheatrical Film339
Martina RoepkeTracing 17.5mm practices in Germany (1902-1908)344
Alexandra SchneiderTime travel with Pathé Baby: The small-gauge film collection as historical archive353
Susan AasmanGladly Breaking Bread: Religious repertoires and family film361
Ralf Forster and Jeanpaul GoergenOzaphan: home cinema on cellophane372
Jiri HornicekThe institutionalization of calssroom films in Czechoslovakia between the wars384
Eef MassonCelluloid teaching tools: classroom films in the Netherlands (1941-1953)392
Guy EdmondsAmateur widescreen; or, some forgotten skirmishes in the attle of the gauges401
Katerina Loukopoulou'Films bring art to the people': the art film tour in Britain (1950-1980)414
Guy EdmondsAssociazione Home Movies, l'Archivio Nazionale del Film di Famiglia423
Bob BrodskyWhen the minister made movies: a questionable activity429
Dan StreibleIn memoriam Helen Hill438
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