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Kim TomadjoglouIntroduction: Early Colour3
Paul Read'Unnatural Colours': An introduction to colouring techniques in silent era movies9
Ulrich RuedelThe Technicolor Notebooks at the George Eastman House47
Thomas C. ChristensenRestoration of Danish silent films - in colour61
Nicola MazzantiColours, audiences, and (dis)continuity in the 'cinema of the second period'67
Joan M. Minguet BatlloriSegundo de Chomón and the fascination for colour94
Eirik Frisvold HanssenSymptoms of desire: colour, costume, and commodities in fashion newsreels of the 1910s and 1920s107
Luke McKernan'The modern Elixir of Life': Kinemacolor, royalty and the Delhi Durbar122
Simon BrownColouring the nation: spectacle, reality and British natural colour in the silent and early sound era139
Kaveh AskariEarly 16mm colour by a career amateur150
Joshua Yumibe'Harmonious sensations of sound by means of colors': vernacular colour abstractions in silent cinema164
Stéphanie SalmonTinting and toning at Pathé: the Jacques Mayer notebook177
Jorge DanaColour by Stencil: Germaine Berger and Pathécolor180
Janet BergstromIntroduction: Producers and Directors187
Simon Joyce and Jennifer Putzi"Greatest Combination in Motion Pictures": Film History and the Division of Labor in the New York Motion Picture Company189
Stefan DrösslerErnst Lubitsch and EFA208
Lutz BacherDavid L. Loew, Renoir's "French Method", and The Southerner229
Larry CeplairJulian Blaustein: An Unusual Movie Producer in Cold War Hollywood257
Janet BergstromGenealogy of The Golden Coach276
Richard KoszarskiIntroduction: Film Beginnings299
David RobinsonAlexander Shiryaev: Dance to Film301
Patrick Feaster and Jacob SmithReconfiguring the history of early cinema through the phonograph, 1877-1908311
Philippe GauthierThe movie theater as an institutional space and framework of signification: Hale's Tours and film historiography326
David MayerRescued from an eBay site336
Steven MarasIn search of "Screenplay": terminological traces in the Library of Congress Catalog of Copyright Entries: Cumulative Series, 1912-20346
Gerry TurveyConstrained emancipation: the career of Ethyle Batley, Britain's pioneering woman film director359
Martin StolleryTechnicians of the unknown cinema: British critical discourse and the analysis of collaboration in film production373
Thomas AielloHurry Sundown: Otto Preminger, Baton Rouge, and Race, 1966-1967394
Larry CeplairLetter to the Editor411